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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Certificate in Mental Health Awareness


Accredited 6-Day Training + 3 months post-training support

Do you work with children and young people?  Are you concerned about their mental health problems?

The rise in mental health problems in children and young people is of growing concern to Educators, Care Providers, Health Professionals and Families. 

The UK Government have responded to this by strongly urging schools to identify a Designated Senior Lead for Mental Health, whose role it will be to establish a whole school approach to mental health, including preventative action, promotion of good mental wellbeing and resilience amongst students and staff. 

Course Description

This 6 days Accredited Course has been designed specifically in response to government findings to ensure that all staff can carry out their role to the best of their ability.  The practical days are split into two 3-days blocks and will give participants the opportunity to experience role-play and talk through practical techniques.  

Each workshop day is intended to provide participants with tools to support those children who are most    demanding with a clear understanding of the most common causes of mental ill-health affecting children and young people. 

The Certification in Mental Health Awareness will empower staff to work with children of all ages who present with a range of difficulties in order to provide a safe and happier classroom experience.

Course Aims

The course will provide participants with:

  •  Skills, understanding and confidence to ensure they have clear systems and processes in place for identifying possible mental health problems
  •  A foundation of the environmental influences on the mental health of young people and how schools can effect positive change
  •  Strategies to support classroom management and ways of working with disaffected, hurting and disruptive children
  •  The opportunity to work with experienced mental health professionals to examine current issues facing their school


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