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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Dr Karen Treisman : Leeds, 1st-3rd October 2021


Relational and Developmental Trauma: Using a Therapeutic Treasure Box to Support Children and Young People

This creative, practical, and multi-faceted workshop will explore some of the therapeutic qualities and skills required to support children and adolescents (can also be applied to adults and parents) who have and are experiencing relational and developmental trauma. This includes exploring concepts such as empathy and co-regulation. Following this, a range of expressive, multi-sensory, and practical tools for working more effectively with this client group will be presented. Including focusing on areas such as multi-layered safety, emotional regulation, wellness plans, scaling questions, feelings expression, self-esteem, and resilience. These tools draw on a range of approaches including Theraplay, DDP, sensory approaches, Video Interaction Guidance, and many of creative and innovative ones.

Practical examples will be discussed; as well as links to how some of these tools can be applied to oneself to prioritise one’s own wellbeing. These tools are taken from the bestselling book, “A Therapeutic Treasure Box for Working with Developmental Trauma”; and from the Therapeutic Treasure Collection- Presley the Pug, Binnie the Baboon, Gilly the Giraffe, Cleo the Croc, Neon the Ninja and Ollie the Octopus.

Please note these tool use lots of creative measures and are trauma-informed however this course does not cover specific trauma processing skills or tools; as this course is open to a wide audience with differing qualifications and skill sets.

Learning Methods:

This training will utilise an array of learning and teaching styles including small group discussions, experiential hands-on learning, multimedia methods, and lecture delivery. Examples will be interwoven throughout. Hand-outs and additional learning resources will be provided.

Aims and Objectives of the Day:

  • Attendees will increase their understanding as to why trauma is a multi-sensory whole body experience, requiring multi-sensory whole body interventions.
  • Attendees will increase their understanding as to some key ways of being during direct-work. As well as some of the benefits and rationale for doing direct-work.
  • Attendees will leave with several new creative and expressive tools to practically apply in their work context- individual, group, self, and family approaches.
  • Attendees will leave with some suggestions for how to incorporate some of these techniques into their own wellness and wellbeing practice.
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About Karen:

Dr Karen Treisman, MBE, is a Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist who has worked in the National Health System and children’s services for several years. Karen has also worked cross-culturally in both Africa and Asia with groups ranging from former child soldiers to survivors of the Rwandan Genocide.

Karen has extensive experience in the areas of trauma, parenting, adversity (ACE’s) and attachment, and works clinically using a range of therapeutic approaches with families, systems, and children in or on the edge of care, unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people, and adopted children. Karen also specialises in supporting organisations and systems to move towards becoming, and to sustain adversity, culturally and, trauma-informed, infused, and responsive practice.

Karen was awarded the 2018 Psychology Professional of the Year Award for Excellence in Attachment and Trauma; and Youth Psychology Professional of the Year 2020. Karen was also awarded an MBE (Queens Honour list 2020).

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