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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Refresher Series


Join Karen & Tara for their series of monthly, 1.5 hour refresher sessions designed to support practitioners to top up their understanding and get support in particular areas. 

Bring your cuppa and join other practitioners to gain the latest information and chat through ways of working, theoretical understanding and practical ideas to bolster your clinical work.

All sessions cost £30.00 and will take place on a Saturday from 11.00 am - 12.30 pm (UK) / GMT +8. 

Refresher Series Information:

Reports and Session Notes - 17th September 2022:

This workshop will offer a brief overview of the ‘why and how’ of report and session note writing to substantiate the value of therapeutic work.

Transference and Countertransference - 29th October 2022:

Are you confused or unclear about transference and countertransference?  This workshop will bring clarity and offer examples for greater understanding of these concepts within a therapeutic context.

Play Therapy Dimensions Model: A Decision-Making Guide - 3rd December 2022:

Confused or unclear about PTDM?  This workshop offers a comprehensive ‘walk through’ the four quadrants and how they can be applied to clinical work.

Attachment Theory - 14th January 2023:

This workshop will give an historical context to attachment theory and consider modern attachment theory in the context of clinical work.

Parent Interviews - 25th February 2023:

Do you struggle to ask relevant questions to parent/carers at the initial meeting?  In this workshop there will be discussion and examples of ‘targeted’ questions to help deepen your understanding of the client.

How Attachment Strategies Present in Play Therapy - 1st April 2023:

Clients’ attachment strategies can sometimes leave the therapist feeling puzzled and challenged.  In this workshop we will revisit attachment styles and discuss how strategies are presented as an opportunity for deeper therapeutic understanding of the client.

Child Development: Donald Winnicott (Object Relations) - 6th May 2023:

This workshop will consider Winnicott’s object relations theory and apply it to the transitional play object.  We will also consider how therapists can utilise the transitional object when presented by the client.

Neuro-dramatic Play: EPR - 3rd June 2023:

Confused or unclear about EPR?  This workshop offers a comprehensive ‘walk through’ the three stages and how they can be applied to clinical work.

Child Development: Mildred Parton (Stages of Play) - 8th July 2023:

An informative workshop which will consider Mildred Parton’s six stages of play and the relevance to children and young person within a therapeutic context.

Applying non-directive metaphorical responses - 30th September 2023:

Metaphors can be a bridge between emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.  In this workshop we will discuss the significance of metaphors and give examples as to how to offer metaphorical responses to safely support client processes.

Using non-directive verbal responses to the cognitive child - 14th October 2023:

Do you feel that your skills set is not ‘enough’ to respond to the client who has a cognitive bias?  In this workshop we will discuss and give examples as to how to offer therapeutic responses to safely support the cognitive client with their processes.

Child Development: Erick Erickson (Psychosocial Stages) - 3rd December 2023:

This workshop will consider Erickson’s eight stages of psychological crisis which need to be successfully resolved to develop psychological strengths that may impact on personality development.

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