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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Video recordings of live webinars with Lisa Dion


Don't worry if you missed out on Lisa's live webinars... video recordings are available here.  Watch at your leisure for 30 days.

Lisa has designed these webinars to aid child therapists to go deeper in their work with their child clients and to look at how they can look after themselves during the process.


Setting up a Play Therapy Practice
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From paperwork to running a business to stocking the playroom, setting up a new play therapy practice can feel overwhelming.  Join Lisa as she helps therapists navigate through the initial steps and mindset it takes to get a play therapy practice off the ground.

Navigating Goodbyes and Endings
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Whether the child's termination of therapy was expected or unexpected, goodbyes and endings can elicit challenging emotions in both the clinician and the child.  From preparing for the final session to dealing with the unexpected goodbye, Lisa will offer ways to support the many types of endings that occur in play therapy. 

Regression in Play Therapy .  
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Regression is a common part of the therapeutic experience as children return to earlier ages of development for growth and healing. In this discussion, Lisa will describe the many ways regression presents itself in the playroom, its purpose and offer ways for the therapist to attune to the child.  Discussion on how to support the child's caregivers when the child regresses will also be covered.

Working with countertransference in Play Therapy
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In this 1 hour discussion, Lisa will explore the natural process of transference and countertransference in the play therapy process and the importance of learning how to work with it, instead of avoiding it.  She will discuss what to do when it arises, allowing the therapist to stay more present and connected to both themselves and the child.  
What is Synergetic Play Therapy?
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Join Lisa Dion, creator of Synergetic Play Therapy, as she provides a  beginning overview about the Synergetic Play Therapy model.  She will explore what it is and what it is not.   She will introduce therapists to the tenets that guide the model, the role of the therapist, its primary influences, what it means to attach to oneself, the cornerstone of healing and so much more.

Supporting & Regulating Children's emotional flooding
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Emotional flooding happens! Sometimes it is just too much!  In this 2 hour discussion, Lisa will guide therapists towards a greater understanding of how to work with a child's and their own window of tolerance, how to recognize signs of emotional flooding and what to do when emotional flooding happens.  Come join a very important discussion that will help you learn how to regulate a child more effectively, so that the child can integrate and heal more quickly.

Aggression in Play Therapy 
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Aggression is a common part of the play therapy experience, but many therapists find themselves confused about how to make it therapeutic. This 2 hour discussion will begin to explore how to work with the intensity while promoting integration and nervous system resiliency.

Self Care and the Authentic You
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In this 2 hour discussion, Lisa explores how easily and how common it is for therapists to inadvertently disconnect from themselves in their attempt to be of service to others.  This discussion offers practical ideas to help guide therapists back to themselves and back towards a greater sense of authenticity, so that they can be more available to themselves and to their clients.


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